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page title - Clients

“…I knew that I needed to meet face to face for coaching and I'm very grateful for Trisha's accommodating approach. I would never be able to begin with coaching by phone. I felt a rapport with Trisha from early on which I think would have been difficult to develop by phone (with anyone). Trisha has helped me to think of ways I can approach and address issues.

I like the non-directive style and how Trisha listens hard and frames her questions carefully. I feel I am forced to recognise and rethink assumptions. I'm being helped to know myself better and that's painful as well as satisfying.” JG

“…The key benefits of coaching for me have been increased confidence, and focus.  Coaching has given me a better perspective; it makes me feel positive, buoyant and wonderful. It makes you feel like you are better able to take on challenges, gives you clearer vision and enables you to follow through.

Whilst being coached by Trisha I felt that she had a friendly but firm approach. It was like ‘I am your friend, come and talk to me’ but there was definitely a purpose to it all.  Trisha has the ability to make you talk. Trisha has encouraged, guided, supported and helped in my journey and coaching with WebbeLife Coaching has thoroughly exceeded my expectations.”  EO

“ A coach is a great motivator and with Trisha’s relaxed and challenging style she is able to guide you into your own path and almost effortlessly enables you to design your own goals.  A coaching session is extremely rewarding and revealing.  I would highly recommend WebbeLife Coaching to help you challenge yourself and achieve great things."


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